Tuesday, July 17, 2007

DC Ranks # 5 according to Forbes for best city for young professionals!!!

As all of you know, I am in love with DC!!!! Everything here appeals to me mainly due to my upbringing in Florida in my earlier years and New York, NY for most of my childhood. Unfortunately neither of them appeal to me whatsoever for exact opposite reasons. Florida is to sparse and New York is too crowded. DC is just about right. You can walk to your local grocer or bar but within two blocks there is always somewhere to enjoy yourself. This afternoon Forbes released a report on the top 5 cities for young professionals their rank

Their top 5:

New York, NY

San Francisco, CA

Atlanta, GA

Los Angeles, CA

Washington, DC

They ranked the cities based on where graduates of top universities ended post graduation and where the opportunities most presented themselves to the young professionals. As indices, a study was commenced at the class of 1997 from the six best universities; i.e. Duke, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Northwester, and Rice...and where those graduates ended up 10 years later.

Having gone to American University myself, I can say that I made my decision to come to the city prior to college but there is no intention of leaving, not with all the city has to offer.


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