Monday, June 25, 2007

Macy, Macy, Macy, Oh Why Have You Done This Macy Development?

Another email from a client unsatisfied from the workmanship of Macy Development. What can I do? Well I cant sell another one of their listings! I can't show another one of their listings! Can I help my client sue the developer...I haven't decided yet.

Since we settled nearly two months ago my client M, a DJ on XM Radio, and at the time M couldn't have been happier. So I did what my client hired me to do! We went to settlement after a long and arduous negotiating process and M moved in just as anticipated. The only problem was problems. From the first day M moved in to the property unexpected and unnoticed problems arose. From a roach infestation (in new construction?) to an A/C system that only blows air to the top floor of his two floor condo, to the mismatched coloring of the bowls in the double sink in the master bedroom. It soon became apparent that the building "quality control manager," Candice wasnt doing her job. Or was she.

So the problems get noticed immediately with the interior of the unit but thank god, DC requires a two year letter of credit consisting of 10% of total construction costs should anything go wrong. Well they did and we are! It gets better! After moving in M calls Verizon to continue his service at his new home but guess what, RUMOR has it that for the second time Macy destroyed a Verizon router box on their site and Verizon wouldnt repair the box until Macy paid for the damage. Well I dont have documentation but from what M tells me, he had to go through another long and arduous process to repair the mess that was rumored to have been made by the same developer twice.

Macy may not have figured this out yet but if it is ever proven in court that they destroyed the box, then the owners can assert that the units conveyed to them were built illegally due to felony-destruction of property and could sue the developer for their money back!!!!SSSSHHHHHHH, dont tell Macy!

Ill update with M's outcome as soon as there is one! Good luck M!

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