Saturday, June 16, 2007

The New Career at Ken Taylor Real Estate

I began my career nearly two years ago at Long and Foster Real Estate under teh guidance and supervision of a wonderful mentor, Juan Antonio Umanzor Jr. His commitment to quality and level of service are unsurpassed in the industry, which has help boost his career in four short years to top 1% of Realtors nationwide, nominee for Realtor of the year by GCAAR, and a consistent record in the top 50 realtors in Long and Foster on a monthly basis. Additionally, he has come to represent one of the most honest & respectable individuals in the Latin American community, especially in Maryland.

As for me, I have different plans. My love is for development, improvements and representing clients who can visualize themselves owning a in a development. Im not sure where its stems from but the only place I can lead it to is my upbringing in New York City, one of the most incredible (and unbearable) cities I have lived in, had a love for, and look forward to creating. Pardon me for the assumption but the last time I looked around DC was on its way to becoming the next NYC. According to City-Data, " the Washington area is expected to achieve a 58 percent increase in its economic activity between 2000 and 2015, with the job base growing 29 percent and the resident population increasing 21 percent." Now as far as my calculations go, we are half way there and based on my experience with the market, DC has such strong support from government funding job growth that the real estate market will remain stable or maintain its current course of increased prices.

So back to the Story of Ken Taylor Real Estate...After this past spring at Long and Foster I knew it was time for a change, something more challenging and somewhere where I would be able to bring added value in a generic industry. I couldn't help but recall a friend I met, Tomas Guirola, the VP at Ken Taylor Real Estate Inc, and one of the most reputable and forthright agents I have met thus far in the industry. After my first phone call to Tomas I knew it was the right place for me.

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Stu said...

Jesse -

Congratulations on your new position with Ken Taylor. I have enjoyed our relationship from the start. Your work-ethic and commitment to me as a client has been wonderful. And now that you are with Ken Taylor Real Estate, I feel like we are both really on the same wavelength. Your new firm is a perfect fit for my plans as a developer in DC. I know you will be successful and I know you are going to do everything you can to insure my success too. I really feel fortunate that I met you.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

Stu Kushner