Monday, July 30, 2007

$10,000 off your purchase price if you own a hybrid, what do you think?

This morning I was reading an article about projects going green across the US. One such developer had the brilliant idea to offer priority parking to owners of Hybrid cars and offering a community car that can be used for three hour time slots by any of the residences once checked out. The condo board would organize the gas, insurance and maintenance of the car but whats more important is it provides easily accessible transportation to any of the owners in the building and has the possibility to eliminate the need for several owners to purchase their own car. So I thought to my self (what a wonderful world...just kidding) what could we do with our newest client, Forest Development Group and their new eco-friendly project on Ontario Rd, to help bring press and exposure to their project that nobody else is doing. Bang! It hit me. I came up with the idea to offer owners of Hybrid cars a discount on the purchase of the units, upwards of $10,000. Talk about incentive and uniqueness! Imagine being the only developer in DC who is actually supporting the green initiative outside of just the home. It might just be possible that we can create one of the core goals of FDG to help the planet, not just their development and the extended efforts they are using to help the environment. I'll keep you updated with their response!

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