Thursday, July 5, 2007

Akridge Development in Friendship Heights at Dealership

Yesterday, one of my clients asked me to see what I could find out a rumor he had heard in Friendship Heights. To my surprise there is a proposed development at 5220 Wisconsin Ave NW where there currently resides a car dealership. It turns out that Akridge Development is building their second mixed use development project, after their first at Gallery Place. I spoke with the project manager, DT who informed me that they will be looking to hire a new team to represent them in this development after their unsuccessful partnership with McWilliams Ballard on their previous Project. What seems more difficult to understand than their choice to use McWilliams is DT's defense of PN Hoffman's development success after speaking about the feedback I was given from clients of my own...ALL of whom have said they could have made a better choice in developments...but who am I to judge? If any of you have any feedback regarding PN Hoffman or are purchasers of Akridge's first mixed use development please send me feedback on your purchase! I would love to post it.

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