Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh Macy...

Letters to Macy Development, by a former & understandably enraged client!

To preface the story, we settled on a condo built by Macy Development nearly two months ago, since then Macy has been nothing but difficult about making the necessary changes...please refer to my previous post; Macy, Macy, Macy, Oh why have you done this Macy Development

Leading up to the following is my clients interaction with Macy & their HVAC company.

Devender informed me that this situation has reached a point where Kort MUST get involved. To call it a total mess is an understatement. Our situation and the way it's been handled has put new meaning to the word, "reasonable".

We have given you a "reasonable" amount of time to solve this issue or to at least form a plan to solve this issue. We are not asking for anything that is un"reasonable" as it is "reasonable" for us to assume that when we bought a brand new home, the air cooling system would be in top working order. Please try and view our situation from a customer point of view. If you guys (Macy) would bend a little, we could work this stuff out, but you have fought us at every turn. We're coming to the end of our road.

Devender hasn't informed you of his "master plan"? It's in M's email:

"Devender's solution now is to install a large pipe in the back of the furnace. This pipe would then go into our master bedroom walk-in closet and head directly downstairs to the ceiling above the kitchen."
I recommend that you give us a written proposal of the intended work prior to any "repair" on your part for us to approve first. And Aaron, per legal council, I don't need your writen approval for me to correct your errors. The legal system will collect for us.

I am not sure what you are referring to "putting duct work through my closets". As you guys (M, Tony) are aware 1900 Fourth Street , LLC is attempting to repair your warranty requests. I recommend you allow us to proceed. When we are completed if you are still not satisfied you can take whatever action you feel necessary.

In addition 1900 Fourth Street, LLC will not be responsible for any fees you incur without our written agreement to do so which we are not providing at this time.

Devender started work at 10:15am (6/29/07) and installed a large damper into the flume on top of the furnace. This damper's job was to redirect the air to the little bridge that Devender's men built that attaches the giant furnace flume to the feeder pipe that feeds the downstairs ducts. The damper minorly increased the airflow. Not enough to satisfy any of us.

Devender brought a little blower with him (on the recommendation of the furnace rep) and seeing that the damper didn't improve things much, he called the furnace rep to ask his advice. The rep (Greg) said that installing the blower would not increase the air flow to the downstairs. In fact, installation of the blower might actually DECREASE downstairs air, because it's going to take up so much space in the pipe. So, we're at a standstill again.

Devender's solution now is to install a large pipe in the back of the furnace. This pipe would then go into our master bedroom walk-in closet and head directly downstairs to the ceiling above the kitchen. A large vent with a damper would be installed to control the airflow, but this vent would deliver a large amount of cool air to the kitchen and living room. It would operate separately from the existing ductwork already installed in the first floor. It would involve the cutting of dry wall. It appears that we are at a stalemate with the existing duct work.

I must say that I'm very disappointed that's it's come to this. I am not thrilled at the idea of having a large pipe installed into my closet that will cut through the floor and end up in the ceiling above my kitchen. I'm frustrated that the existing ductwork doesn't do that job it was installed to do. I'm even more frustrated that it has taken over 2 months for us to reach this decision. Devender's man, Sonny was supposed to install the large damper (that Devender installed today) a few weeks ago. Much time could have been saved, but that's in the past now. Devender said he's going to talk to Kort regarding the construction plans so he can locate the water pipes and electrical wiring in the walls and ceiling so the new "pipe vent" can be properly installed.
That's the update from here. Macy Development, please contact me when you have some new information.

My latest message to Macy.
I'm documenting everything.

They say that the rep from the window manufacturer will be by this week to measure our windows to make sure we get window screens. It's been 3 months and still NO window screens. Here's the latest on the AC issue.

They refuse to pay for us to get a rep in for a 2nd opinion and are threatening us with a loss of furnace warranty if we go with someone else.
I think that if they were truly interested in solving our problem, they'd pay for a 2nd opinion and then pay for the fix, if that opinion was better than their own guy. They have ZERO customer service. ZERO. It's like they've never sold homes before.

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