Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Report shows DC United may not be headed to Poplar Point, my sources say otherwise

According to an article published today by NBC4.com, the DC United stadium, originally headed for the 110 acre lot in Poplar Point, may be in a state of scrutiny. According to my original research (and unreleased sources) Poplar point had gotten the contract to be developed. See my previous blog here.
As of yesterday, this may not be the case. Yesterday Fenty publicly released that they are seeking alternative development proposals for the same lot. Why the cause for Fenty's change of mind? What else but MONEY?!?!?!?

The owner of DC United is only willing to pay $150 Million but the city wants $200 Million for the lot now that the city has realized the potential of profitability. The city wants to initiate a publicly available competitive bidding process for what many would consider one of DC's last & most valuable assets.

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