Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Months Top Home Sales in DC

I am starting a new series of posting on a monthly basis. Every month (from this month forward) will be a summary of the past as a review of the top sales across our city. The idea is to help keep you informed about whats moving, what stabilizing and where this city is headed. The posting is just a start of a new series of posts to help keep you updated.

At the top of the list is an incredible detached home in Kalorama at 2430 Wyoming Ave NW. Previously owned by a Mr. Robert Allbritton, former CEO to Riggs Bank which was first acquired by his father in 1981, the home was sold for a mere $4.7 Million. That price is pennies compared to the estimated net worth of Allbritton himself. Estimated at over $675 milloin. The home featured nearly 6100 interior square feet on a quarter-acre lot. What a beauty! With five bedrooms and four and a half baths, the home was built strictly for the entertainment of the rich and famous.

Second on this list (and a far second at that) is this mansion of a Georgetown home. As one of the largest homes available in Georgetown, this home was built to impress. This four bedroom, three-full and two-half bath home contains some of the largest living area in Georgetown at 4,000 sq ft. With an elevator and two car garage, living isn't offered much easier than this. This home closed at a price of $2.75 Million and from what I can tell, may have been an investment property owned by one Cynthia B Helsabeck from Germantown. Something fishy? You decide!

Third on the list is an amazing Cleveland Park home. One of DC's last one-acre plus homes, this palace is sure to maintain its value for generations to come. On top of the lot size is the homes 8,000 plus living area and nine bedrooms. This is as good as it gets. Formerly owned by Patricia Alsopo in Trust in addition to the family's other home at 2949 Garfield Ter NW, both of these multi-million dollar homes are at the top of the list.

Fourth on the list is another Kalorama home and as usual, on Wyoming Ave NW. Located at 2212 Wyoming, this is on the row of the wealthy by most standards in DC. Prior to the sale, this property was owned by Benedikt Ibing, involved with Berlin Atlantic, a company involved with real estate, private equity and loan products. The home featured eight bedrooms, four and a half baths an sold for just under the $2.7 million mark. The buyers are not too far off themselves, having paid down nearly 60% of the purchase price in cash. At 5500 sq ft, this home is one of the finest row homes in Kalorama.

As far as opportunity goes, Amy Henderson has hit it. According to the tax record, Henderson (a historian at the National Portrait Gallery) purchased or transferred her $2.5 million dollar estate for $188k back in 2000. Thats a near 1300% gain over seven years. Near the growth of Google. Unfortunately no photo was attached in the listing, considering it was purchased the day it was listed there may not have been a need to! This home, located at 20 Kalorama Cir, in Kalorama as well, was sure to be an eye-catcher. It contains nearly 4800 sq ft of living space with four bedrooms and three and a half baths. Dont tell anyone but according to the listing it was a CASH SALE.

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Cynthia said...

Hello, I am Cynthia B Helsabeck of Germantown. If, as you say, I own a 2.75 million dollare mansion in Georgetown, will someone please give me the keys and address? I can move in right away.