Friday, August 10, 2007

Average DC Home Price Up 4% over July '06. Not what you expected?

As many of you may have been reading throughout the media world, most of the country is up in a panic regarding the mortgage industry and real estate price fallout. In most places across the country, with the exception of what I would consider the larger 12 cities, this panic may have justification, just not here.

This afternoon the Washington Business Journal released a report stating that home prices in DC are up 4% last month vs July of '06. Crazy you say? Not really consider the upcoming development that we all are looking forward to in addition to the political turnover we are about to undergo. According to the WBJ, DC's average sale price in July '07 was $431,000, up $16,000 over last July's average sale price at $415,000.

I'd like to stop there an and analyze exactly whats going on in this city. I believe we all could reasonably say that this past year was one of the worst years in real estate in the past seven years, right? Well, despite the media hype (having nothing better to write about), the mortgage subprime fallout, the price of gasoline increasing nearly 35 cents a gallon and our country spending $80 billion on the war, DC still had gains of 4% in 12 months. Hows that for financial security?

With all that going on why wouldn't you purchase, especially with the upcoming anticipation of a strong spring market of '08 and continued growth and investment by the government in local development.

The article can be viewed here.

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