Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Its Finally Official, Above Ground Street Cars Return to the District

After a recent blog, I believe back in June of this year, NBC confirms that DC will re-establish the above ground street car line in two areas of DC. The first, along a several mile long line in Anacostia beginning downtown, near the exit to 295 bridge. The other, to my understanding, would be along H St NE from Union Station heading East towards and down Benning towards the stadium. In case you haven't driven along the streets of H St NE lately, you will notice the work being done to the center of the road. Apparently, despite the exposure the city has released regarding the work being done, this work is in preparation for the expected street car release in 2009, with groundbreaking for their line this winter.

The city's increase the capacity of the city to move people throughout the streets, not vehicles. Honestly, Im not quite sure how I feel about the new development of Streetcars...we already have buses and metros to get us from place to place, but why the added congestion by taking up two lanes of the cities busiest thoroughfares? On the other hand, it will add to the atmosphere, creating something like that of Boston, allowing for easier commutes and a more well-kept transportation industry.

What are your thoughts?

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Chris said...

Streetcars reduce traffic not create it. Think about it this way: A streetcar with 20 passengers inside it is taking 20 cars off the road at that moment.

In regards to streetcars vs. buses and the metro, the metro is at full capacity and there 0 plans to expand its service in the downtown core. And sadly, buses in DC and the rest of the country have a stigma attached to them. There are many people who avoid riding buses because they are viewed as "loser cruisers". Those same people would ride a shiny new streetcar for the novelty factor.