Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Macy Development, What did you do???

Two days ago I received a letter from another perturbed buyer of one of Macy Development's projects located at 1333 Constitution Ave. The letter comes as one home owner exhausts all efforts to get Macy Development to make the REQUIRED REPAIRS to her unit. At the time of this post Macy's website,, was down so I was unable to obtain statistics on this building. What I can say is that based on my clients experience with them at Basilcia Lofts, the post sale interaction with their buyers (THE COMPANY'S LIFE BLOOD) is few and far between.

Chrissy's letter to me:


Hi, I was reading your blog and I noticed a posting you did on June 25, 2007 about your client who bought a home with Macy Development. I too bought a condominium with Macy Development and I am having almost identical problems as your client "M"!! I can't get them to move off the dime. They have totally infuriated me and I feel lost as to what to do. If you have any information or are willing to connect me with "M", I would really appreciate it. Perhaps he has made some headway with Macy or maybe we can attack Macy together. My neighbors who live next door also are having problems with Macy-- shocker!!!

These guys are sleaze bags!



The letter she is referring to is one that I had posted nearly two months ago outlining the frustration of one of my clients in the aforementioned development in Eckington. It can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Additionally, I had posted letters outlining the interaction with my buyer and Macy several weeks later. To see what response they offer to frustrated buyers CLICK HERE.

There is a yahoo group for Basilica Lofts owners as well. If you have a chance to read the interaction among unit owners regarding Macy, their yahoo group can be found here.

If you or anyone you know is having PROBLEMS OR COMPLIMENTS please let me know. As you can see I'm not afraid to expose developers faults in order to better the industry and prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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Stu said...

Hey Jesse -

Good job. I would suggest they take a trip to DCRA and report the builder. Macy has a large deposit on hold with a bank as collateral towards the building and to insure they stand behind their work. If she gets the city involved, the builder will be forced to fix it or risk having the city fix it and losing some of their deposited money.