Monday, August 20, 2007

MeroWeekly: Can Dupont Down Under Be Opened Again?

This afternoon before leaving work I thought I would take one last run through Google to see just how far my nearly three month old blog had made it to the far away land of the internet. Lo and behold I came across another article citing research about Dupont Down Under. Thats not the exciting part. What is exciting is yours truly was the source of expertise for the reference about the possibility of expansion of development of the 28000 sq ft of space right under Dupont Circle. In an incredibly well written article(Im biased, so what?!?) by Will O'Bryan of Metroweekly , Washington D.C.'s Gay & Lesbian News Magazine, Will looks to Dupont Down Under as the possible new venue for the availability of space for nude male-dancing. In his support and defense of what could possibly be the next venue Down Under, Will claims that the property violates no laws agains proximity to other businesses and will in no way affect the local businesses due to its location being inaccessible from anywhere but several strategic staircase entrances located around the circle, all of which have been boarded up by the city. Next time you are at the circle take a look to the outer sidewalk, most notably one of the entrances next to CVS, at the corner of P St NW.

As mentioned to Will, opening Dupont Down Under is more than just a case of time, power, money or proposals, rather I believe it to be strictly a matter of politics. From the Dupont Advisory Neighborhood Committee to the National Park Service to the Dupont Historic Committee, Down Under is a matter of having the right voices speak to the right collaborators of other arenas to have any influence of what very well could be the next sphere of influence over one of this city's most beautiful areas.

Will's article can be read by CLICKING HERE.

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