Monday, August 13, 2007

Real Estate Development to the Next Level...

So here we are, in an ever increasingly competitive market for agents representing developments and developers on a continual basis, all vying for the competitive edge. Most teams and companies produce a fairly common product, from staging to custom websites, to contract negotiations, there hasn't been much innovation in the creative side of development representation.

Over the past few days, and with Dwellings coming on the market the team has been brainstorming new ideas to help produce results and exposure for our developers and we came up with some new & creative ideas that we feel will help our developers maintain the edge in a competitive edge. Here are some of the ideas:

-Eco-friendly incentives offered by lender affiliates such as Countrywide, who offers a loan product with a discount of up to 1/2 point for purchasing in an eco friendly development.

-Eco-friendly purchasers get a $10,000 discount for ownership of an eco-friendly car, helping to preserve and maintain the core values of the development & developers.

-Streaming video of the development process, from tear down all the way through final development, allowing for full viewing of the build process. This allows buyers to understand the care and passion for build quality that our developers maintain through all projects and can be held responsible for shoddy workmanship due to the "eye" on their site.

-Streaming video from the sign into the street, allowing passer-bys to have their friends and family go to our site to watch the streaming of them in front of our development.

-Metro flyering campaign allows for added exposure, up to 10,000 people per day per metro can be exposed to our development, producing significantly better results than any other means of advertising.

-Streaming video of open houses, from inside the development itself, allowing potential buyers to watch the interaction and reaction of buyers approaching the unit from their computer at home.

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