Saturday, August 4, 2007

This month is going to be all about GOING GREEN!

As mentioned in a post this week, Dwellings on Ontario, by Forest Development Group, is going to be completely eco-friendly. As part of everyone's homework, we will be conducting research how best to manage the cost-effectiveness of a green initiative while still maintaining a profitable project. In charge of the entire projects is a great friend of mine, the infamous Jim Delgado, former code inspector for DCRA. As such, the developer is asking all of us to contribute as much input about ideas to help maintain our eco-friendly core value set. All this month I will be debuting new ideas, research and stats about what FDG quite possibly could be doing.

Today Im going to start with one of my favorites, the Green Roof.

So what is a green roof? A green roof system is an addition on top of the traditional roof which adds a layer of organic compound with vegetation, a fairly simple drainage system and a growing system.

Why a green roof?
According to there are a significant number of benefits to providing a green roof on top of an artificial structure/your home.
Economic Benefits include protection of roof membranes resulting in a longer material lifespan as well as significant cost savings on energy heating and cooling costs. estimates that a roof with a six inch thick green roof reduced heat by 95% and heat losses by 25%. Thats a huge amount considering heating and cooling costs can cost upwards to $300-$400 per month in an average DC Condo.
In addition to the economic benefits, Green Roofs also add a layer of sound protection between you and the exterior. In a city like DC, a Green Roof can be a godsend among the traffic and noise pollution in an ever increasingly dense city.
As for FDG and their project on Ontario, their eco-friendly initiative will not only help the earth but it may mean a bit of extra media exposure as well.
As for me...this winter I'm going to get LEED certified, being only the second Realtor in DC with the certification (that I could find).

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