Thursday, August 30, 2007

Virginia & Marlyand: 2 of top 10 wealthiest states in the US

Real estate bubble burst...Mortgage there any end in sight?

Actually if you have been following up on the blog you'll see all of the sources of data that all point to a strong real estate market for our local tri-state(district) area despite the downturn for most of the rest of the country. Well, yesterday in CNN Money released a report for the wealthiest states across the country and two of our three made the top 10 list. Thats right, our sister states to the North and South make more than 80% of the country. According to the Census Bureau, Maryland takes the lead for the average median income at $65,144 per year and Virginia ranks in at number nine at $56,277.


WASHINGTON DC RANKS FIRST FOR AVERAGE INCOME GROWTH where the average median income rose 6.4% over the year.

So I'll ask you...where is the fallout??? It might not be coming.

The article can be found here.

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