Friday, September 7, 2007

8th St SE Commercial Strip Striving for Big Business

According to a release this morning by the Washington Business Journal, the local property owners of the 8th St Corridor are looking for new national retailers to help boost traffic to the so called "Barracks Row" while still maintaining the local presence of sole proprietors and restaurateurs from Capitol Hill.

According to Gillian Gaynair, a staff writer for the WBJ, many of the property owners and businesses are in search of a mainstream clothing retailer such as J Crew, the Gap, Ann Taylor or American Apparel to occupy one location on the streets 5 blocks of dense commercial blocks. Why these types of companies? Barracks Row businesses feel companies of this caliber would satisfy the local consumers need for a clothing retailer where one currently does not exist and keep revenue generation closer to "home." Currently the next closest location for clothing is 15 blocks away at Union Station, which may not sound like much but for someone looking to walk to everything and who may not own a car, a trip to Union Station may be quiet a trek. To continue the thought, imagine where this city will be in 5 years. Traffic is going to be horrendous, taxi's may be more difficult to come by, and for someone considering the trip to Union Station to be too far, consider the difficulties in 5+ years. Think of where New York City was 20 years ago compared to where it is today. If there isn't a drug store & a Starbucks within 2 blocks, you may as well live in New Jersey.


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