Friday, September 14, 2007

Alexandria Follows Suit with Trolley System

Just yesterday Alexandria's city council approved the initial budgeting for King St.'s newest attraction, a trolley system. The trolley marks the beginning of the development of the areas newest 300 acre development just across the river, at the National Harbour.

The proposed trolley system will run ever 15 minutes at no charge as a hope to increase traffic and spending in the old towne area as the Harbour development begins to take shape. To make even more sense, the line will run between the metro station in Old Towne and the marina at the end of King St, to a recently approved ferry system between the marina and the National Harbour, just across the river.

At nearly $700k in operating expenses a year, all paid for by the city, the anticipated infrastructure had better work.


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Brian Block said...

Jesse -- cool! I hadn't heard about this new development for Old Town. Thanks for blogging about it and bringing it to our attention.