Friday, September 28, 2007

Douglas Jemal's Upcoming Developments....

Thanks to Jeff Parke of, my impression of the future of development of Washington DC is once again reaffirmed. Doug Jemal, of Douglas Development Corportation has been developing in the city for years and has been the front runner for many of the cities most popular areas. From revitalizing Cleveland Park's historic retail row in the early '90's to Historic Row on the 800 block of F St NW to Wonder Plaza at 2301 Georgia Ave NW, also known as the shops at Howard University, Jemal has worked just about everywhere. Now I might be a bit forward in saying this but I predict Jemal's pinnacle of growth is yet to come. Many of his 279 properties (which have his name on the tax record) are still undeveloped. Included in his portfolio are several six acre sites across the city that have yet to become profitable ventures.

Call me weird but on the wall of my office I have a map of DC which marks every property that Jemal has or will have his hand in over the next few years.

This afternoon I ran a search of the 279 properties just mentioned and calculated the total amount of land that have Jemal's golden touch. His total ownership in DC alone equates to just over 38 acres of land even after his previous developments. Someone correct me if I am wrong but that would make him the single largest shareholder of land in our city outside of government agencies. Is that control or what? Between Maryland, DC and Virginia, Jemal owns over 215 acres of prime retail space just waiting for revitalization.

Whats next on his list?
Hotel, Office and Residential Buildings along New York between 6th & 7th St NW
Harris Teeter Grocery in Adams Morgan at 17th & Kalorama NW
Uline Arena at 3rd & M NE
Broadcast Center One in Shaw at 7th St NW & S St NW

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