Monday, September 24, 2007

Old Soldier's Home Changes Development Plans

What if I said there currently is 272 acres of undeveloped land smack in the middle of Washington, DC. Its true! Soon there might only be 147 left. Its the land belonging to the Armed Forces Retirement Home, located in Wards 4 and 5, directly to the Northwest of the Washington Hospital Center. That huge plot of land fenced in by the six foot high iron fence. In a press released from the Defense Department, original plans for 9 million square foot development has been downsized to 6.5 million square feet, taking up nearly half of the available space on the lot.

Recently, the AFRH has seen significant financial troubles and is in a major need of renovation to the living quarters for the resident army Vets. Unfortunately, with the departments resources completely tapped out for other uses, it seems like developing the land might be the easiest and most profitable choice to maintain the home for Vets and soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The new plan includes 4.3 million square feet of mixed use development, 880,000 square feet of residential units with some retail and 750,000 square feet of residential and office space in a separate development. An existing 398,000 square feet will continue to be occupied by the retirement home.

This release comes just months after the approved plans for McMillan Reservoir, a 25 acre site on the exact opposite side of the Washington Hospital Center, approved for townhouses, condo buildings and retail/commercial. More info on this development HERE.


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Atieno said...

Are there any groups mobilized to insist on more park space? Original city plans did not include a park for the neighborhoods bc that land was open to the public. If a public good like open green space is privatized for profit, everyone else loses...