Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Secret is About to be Revealed!!

This past week my broker, Ken Taylor, or the man known as KTRE, came up with an incredible idea about marketing our team and helping our developers sell more property faster. Too good to be true? We might just have the draw of first mover advantage on our side. On top of our streaming web-cam developments being introduced around the city over the next 4-6 months on all of our upcoming projects, Ken's newest idea should put us on the map. Our target? Nothing but the biggest developers across the city. Influenced mostly by a very good friend of mine, Nick O'Neill, developer and owner of, who is about to go after his first $5,000,000 investment, I too am pushing toward success.

As the site says, this is all about developers, development, investors and those interested in the city, our city, and harnessing the future potential to the fullest. In meeting with developers, besides the constant need to stay in touch, I find myself making references to newly publicized and newly permitted development projects across the city and I cannot help but question why none of my clients (and soon to be clients) usually have no idea what I'm talking about.

Why is this? My theory is that once put in a direction, most developers are so focused on their own projects that they seldom have time to venture outside of their path of travel. Which leaves the position of their real estate agent(cough!) to help guide them through the process of development. As weeks have gone by and meetings with clients become more frequent as we become more involved with projects, I cannot help but create solutions to gain more market share of developer's projects or ways to contact more developers faster.

As a result, I am having DC's first ever Developer Seminar this November. It is planned for the second week in November and we are expecting quite a panel. From former code inspectors to heads of zoning, to real estate attorneys and banks, our forum should allow for direct access to some of the most influential & most respected individuals in the development field. More info on the panel later but if you have interest in attending the seminar, please notify me via email at


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