Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Ferry Trial between PG and DC a Success

Yesterday an announcement between Kettler and MetroMarine Holdings may mark the beginning of DC area water travel. The two companies successfully ran the "Potomoc River Express" ferry service between Quantico, VA and the Navy Yard in DC. The trial came as the beginning of a new market as local companies will compete for river access during the riverfront development boom in upcoming years.
Kettler, one of DC's largest real estate companies, and MetroMarine Holdings, based out of Alexandria who designs public-private ferry partnerships, have been working together for years to alleviate the increase in local land-based transportation. With the success of recent real estate developments and more on the way, their vision is becoming a reality.
Local governments are in support of the ferry service as well. The Prince William County Board of Supervisors said, "This passenger service on the Potomac River has been a vision since the late 90's. If anyone can make this a reality, it's Kettler."
In order for the trial to occur, the companies shipped down a ferry from a Boston service line that operates daily between Boston, MA and Providence, RI. The MS Provincetown III was chartered for the trial. It is a 100-foot, 149 passenger ferry most similar to what is expected to be making the run's locally. The trial run took 55 minutes to complete.

No date has been set for an official ferry line.

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