Thursday, October 11, 2007

MacFarlane & Payne Stand Up to Fenty: Poplar Point or No DC

Just yesterday Victor MacFarlane, owner of DC United, and team President Kevin Payne finally took a stand against recent rival Mayor Fenty. According to a press release, MacFarlane and Payne have officially announced their intent to take DC United's stadium outside of the DC line if Poplar Point negotiations are not reinstated, thereby requesting 13 acres of the 130 acre site for the stadium and a negotiated lease for RFK Stadium. This release marks the first opposition to Fenty's recent [request for expressions of interest] for the site since Marion Barry was noted stating that he would in no way support anything but DC United. The RFEI originally intended to create competition among global developers with interest. The RFEI's are due October 19th, 2007.
According to the Examiner, MacFarlane and Payne wrote“However, given the uncertainty around the [request for expressions of interest], the unhurried pace of the negotiations with the federal government on the land transfer, and the fact that our current situation is not financially feasible, we have begun discussions with surrounding jurisdictions about alternative stadium sites."

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