Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maryland Welcomes DC United

Less than a week after MacFarlane originally announced his intentions for seeking a new home for DC United outside the boundaries of D.C. the Maryland Comptroller responds by welcoming MacFarlane's initiative and aiding however possible.

Just yesterday DC United owner Victor MacFarlane and team president Kevin Payne met with MD comptroller Peter Franchot expressing one anothers interests. The meeting comes amongst the severing of ties between Mayor Fenty representing Poplar Point and the owner over. The disagreement began when Fenty required MacFarlane to contribute $200 million to the Poplar Point development but MacFarlane was unwilling to offer more than $150 million...hardly a difference worth noting in the scheme of both the multi-billion dollar project nor the net worth of the billionaire. Since the dispute, Fenty published a request for expressions of interest (RFEI) from global developers with experience in waterfront development. The proposals are due this Friday, October 19th.

In spite of the meeting with the MD Comptroller, DC officials promptly responded by publicly stating their intentions to find a new home for the team within the limits of the city, a feat hardly worth believing...that is unless they can find 13 contiguous acres needed for the stadium site (or call on Douglas Jemal who to my research may be the single largest private landholder in the city).

MacFarlane has not responded to the cities efforts nor his intention to stay in the city.

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