Monday, October 1, 2007

New York Ave to Add One More Building at Entrance to 395

On September 27th Bozzuto Group, a locally known residential developer, had a meeting with HPRB, or Hearing, Planning & Review Board to determine the feasibility of their newest proposed development at 465-471 New York Ave NW. We have no updates as to the results of the meeting but if they are following suit of the new development of Yale Steam Laundry on the same block, chances are we might be seeing the newest rental building in the city.

Their proposal is simple and straight erect a building in the Mount Vernon Development District and to enhance the gateway to downtown on New York Ave NW. The proposed building will have projecting bay front windows and will maintain similar architectural style to Yale Steam Laundry by stopping the bay windows at the 11th floor and maintaining a strong foundation for the development by adding expression to the first two stories of the building.

Most of the units will be one bedrooms between 500 and 650 square feet with some as large as 1100 square feet. In addition, Bozzuto has "offered" to relocate the historic building on their site
to the left of the new building and will add several units to the building as well as adding a fitness center on the first floor of the relocated structure.

The proposed building
Designed by WDG Architects LLP
87 rental units
40 car underground parking
85,555 gross building size (square feet)
31,663 sq ft underground parking
Full service concierge

Currently Zoned R5B, DD
-50 ft height limit
-60% lot occupancy
-1.8 FAR (floor to area ratio)
Proposed Zoning C2C
-130 ft height limit (Matter of right height is 90 feet but with DD, Development District Overlay, allows for 130 feet) This will match the height of Yale Steam Laundry.
-74% lot occupancy
-13 FAR (floor to area ratio, matter of right FAR is 6.5 feet but with DD, Development District Overlay, allows for 13 FAR)

While I wish I could say that this will be an easy development, Bozzuto has quite a process ahead of them, and dont think we will see the results any time soon, at least not before 2009.
Oddly enough, I looked quite a bit through Bozzuto's site and I believe this may just be their first new construction project in DC, EVER. Their history of projects include a vast set of dense residential townhouse communities and condominium buildings throughout Maryland and Virginia. Lets just hope they know what they are getting themselves into here!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. I'm glad to see more of a gateway entrance to city and more development moving east down NY Ave. Just a side note: Bozzuto HAS done one project in the city. They just recently finished a condo project called "The Fedora" between 14th and 15th on Belmont Ave, NW.

Jesse Kaye said...

Thats odd....I have been there but I didn't realize it was Bozzuto's. What did you think of that building?

Anonymous said...

It's a nice development and they've done a very nice job with the finishes. My main complaint and one of the reasons I didn't buy there is that it's a stick built building. If you're on a lower floor, you can hear EVERYTHING your upstairs neighbor is doing. I don't care what they try to insulate it with, there's no replacing 8" of concrete.

Jesse Kaye said...

Not in a high-rise...thats for sure. There is a way to apply an acoustical reverberation suppression system that works really well. The last place that I remember that being used was at "Clifton Street Lofts (.com)". But they are only 4 units high/40 feet. I cant see the city allowing Bozzuto to build to 130 feet without concrete...the highest I believe I have heard of was 6 stories and Deluxe homes makes the multi-family modulars that can accomodate "stick building." Do you know anyone at the Fedora?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I wasn't saying that the building should have been constructed with concrete, I was just saying that's the reason I didn't move there. The material you're talking about I believe is called jibcrete. In theory it works but when you have a hollow compartment between the floor joists, wood floors, and the drywall of the lower unit's ceiling, it creates a drum effect.

The agent who sold me my unit at The Whitman lives there and has expressed the same complaint about the noise from the upper neighbors.

I do agree that a 130 foot tall stick built building would be a VERY bad idea. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm prod-development, but hate those huge complexes. Sure, Bozzutto will make more moeny, but the footprint is way too big for the neighbor hood that has brownstones and other small homes a block up. Condo Canyon all over again.

I'd rather see small buildings developed that relate better to the skyline.

Jesse Kaye said...

I would too! Unfortunately when land costs as much as it does these days, fixed costs rise and the only way to make a profit is by building BIG. Rumor has it that the height limit restrictions in DC are being fought by several parties to increase significantly. That tells you one is king.

Anonymous said...

Hello - these are great comments, regarding the Fedora. I'm actually considering a unit on the 3rd floor - but I would like to know more about the noise concerns. Can anyone provide an update? Have there been other complaints (or did your realtor/agent that lived at Fedora move out?)? I'm curious if this building has any more/less noise issues than would otherwise be expected from a condo.