Wednesday, October 31, 2007

O St Market May Have a Hiccup

Thanks to the ANC2C02 RSS feed, it was noted that at the last meeting, Roadside Developments initial plans to build to a height of 110' may not be as promising as it once was. At the recent meeting, the Zoning commission seemed a objectionable to the variance submitted by the developer to go to the increased height under their PUD, or planned unit development. According to the article, "Commissioners Jeffries, Parson, Chairman Mitten, Vice Chairman Hood and Commissioner Turnbull stated that 110ft seemed to be too disproportionate and "not tailored to the neighborhood."


poo poo said...

dc has got to be THE WORST place to get anything done!

thank the great pumpkin in the sky that i'm not a developer!

i think these folks just do that to get more 'amenities' for the neighborhood.

or... something.

pretty sad. the folks in that area of dc need to get out and vote for someone who actually cares about the future of that part of dc...

Jesse Kaye said...

I couldnt agree more. The city is VERY difficult to work with....many of my development clients who are newer in the industry have had complaints about the way DCRA is run and the lack of communication inspectors have with the city. However, think of the developers that are able to be successful. Higher barriers to entry means more opportunity to those who are willing to challenge it.

I have helped make many people here very successful and hopefully will continue to but I will agree that this city is nothing but a headache to work with.

Stu said...

A new 10-11 story building there would be fine. This city is crazy. The zoning is mostly for 2-3 stories and the limit is about 13. In any other city, we'd have 50-60 story skyscrapers. Yes, it is a residential neighborhood but the density would bring a big boost to the retail sector. You can't have nice restaurants until you get lots of people living nearby to patronize.