Sunday, October 14, 2007

Poplar Point Coalition Created Saturday as Opposition to Fenty Grows

Ward 8 Council members Marion Barry and Yvette Alexander announced the creation of the Poplar Point Coalition yesterday, just days before the RFEI's are due from developers for the development of the 130 acre site known as Poplar Point. The announcement comes as tension has been building between the DC United owner, Victor MacFarlane, former DC Mayor Marion Barry, and with not only the city government but most notably with Mayor Fenty. Several months ago a disagreement between Fenty and MacFarlane led the mayor to announce the opening for bidding from developers for the site despite years of negotiations between MacFarlane, Barry and Fenty.

Now MacFarlane has taken the opposition to another level by announcing his intent to begin looking for possible stadium sites outside the city boundaries, an act that is nothing short of explicit defiance. It seems as though the creation of the coalition yesterday comes just days short of the deadline for RFEI proposals (Oct 19th) and MacFarlane's new site search, possibly to hasten the parting of ways for MacFarlane and DC.

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