Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Residents in Anacostia Plead with Mayor Over Controversial Poplar Point

As I returned from my weekend in New York this morning and opened up my feeds, I couldn't help but see an overwhelming amount of sources repeating the same thing..."Fenty, Keep DC United in DC." As you may have read in last weeks post, MacFarlane, the owner of DC United, is now considering taking his team (and the tax revenue generated by the team) outside of District boarders in response to Fenty's RFEI for Poplar Point. As a result, not only have DC officials responded by promising to find MacFarlane's team another site in DC but a second coalition of Anacostia are publicly pleading for Fenty to revert back to the original plan to bring DC United to the 110 acre site. Their plead comes with the emphasis on MacFarlane's involvement with the community and the immediate areas overall economic growth.

As quoted from a Washington Post article:

"D.C. United has been in the community for quite a while now working with the community," said Sandra Seegars, an advisory neighborhood commissioner in Ward 8. "The new mayor comes in and takes us back to step one. We don't need to start over again."

Under MacFarlane's plan, total development would reach 8.5 million square feet -- twice the amount of space envisioned by the Anacostia Waterfront Corp. MacFarlane offered to pay for the stadium, expected to cost from $150 million to $200 million, if the city would contribute $350 million in infrastructure for the development project."

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