Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Bit Shocking at Best! 2110 11th St NW; The Beauregard

Thanks to, we have some insight on to a former Ken Taylor Real Estate development and the disappointment of one buyer. According to one reader of the blog, the recent purchaser settled on a unit at the breathtaking Beauregard Condos at 2110 11th St NW. They described their experience with Robertson Development...
" I am in need of a DC Real Estate Attorney not a settlement agent. My client purchase new construction 7-8 weeks ago and everything you can possibly think of have happened since they moved in. The unit has flooded twice because they forgot to connect the pipes in the walls in the utility room and to the washing machine, the living room ceiling is leaking even though the unit above is vacant, for 2 weeks they could not park in the space they paid, a contractor was at the unit to repair something and scratched the granite, there is a bad odor coming out of the pipes in the bath room etc……. I understand that there are a number of the units with the same flooding “pipes” problems."

The blog post goes into three more unsatisfied owners.

What makes this situation marginally laughable is the fact that when my broker, Ken Taylor, withdrew the listing contract, their representation only became worse...and they have only reduced their $500k+ prices by $2500 despite the market change.

Good luck with those sales.

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