Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Is H St the next U St? You better believe it.

As many of you seen the articles about development on H St NE, this hot-spot of development shows more promise than most of the entertainment and shopping strips anywhere else in the city...with the exception of a few.

According to a article, H St will prosper in more ways than one can imagine...
1-proximity to Union Station/Amtrak
2-proximity to Metro Rail
3-dense retail and shopping
4-upcoming trolley line in 2009
5-DEVELOPMENT (Landmark Lofts & Senate Square - Rentals)
6-DDOT "Great Streets" initiative will invest $30 Million in improvements
7-height restriction limits
8-property value

On top of what going on at H St, with in several blocks are some of the cities largest developments, including Douglas Jemal's Uline Skate Arena at 3rd & M St NE, the Marriot Hotel at New York and Florida Ave, the ATF Building, & Akridge's proposed condos at Union Station.

This is one place I would keep my eye on over the next two years.

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me said...

yup. i live right there next to senate square. there's a bunch of proposed and underway developments it doesn't mention.... too many to mention here.

having said all that, you can STILL find bargains in the neighborhood (even though there have been several prefab condos off of florida and 12th that have been sold for ~$1 mil each. i know someone who bought an 1890 victorian on a block adjacent to senate square for $270k.

great area with an even greater future!