Saturday, December 15, 2007

Poplar Point Development Summary's

Archstone Smith / Madison Marquette

Development Program

Office: 1,954,000 Sq Ft
Residential: 2,401,000
--Units: 2,088
Hotel: 255,000 Sq Ft
--Rooms: 425
Retail: 994,000 Sq Ft

Program Highlights
Large-format, big-box retail anchors
Entertainment pier extending into the river
Frederick Douglass memorial amphitheater along river
74 acres of parklands including ponds, wetlands, and open spaces
Community learning center
Youth sports center
Botanical Gardens
Option for MLS soccer stadium/DC UNITED

Clark Realty Capital

Development Program

Office: 1,529,300 Sq Ft
Residential: 3,823,250 Sq Ft
--Units: 3,237
Hotel: 224,000 Sq Ft
--Rooms: 280
Retail: 405,000 Sq Ft
Museum: 250,000 Sq Ft
School: 140,000

Program Highlights
International Environmental Center
National Museum of the Environment
60-acre central park 'The Preserve"
10-acre waterfront park
KIPP Charter School campus
Community Boathouse
Open air market (similar to Eastern Market), retail to include grocery and neighborhood-scale stores (with potential for large format)
Waterfront entertainment district
3-block wide 'Deck' over I-295 to connect site with Old Anacostia
Option for MLS soccer Stadium/DC UNITED

Forest City

Development Program

Hotel: 348,000
Retail: 415,600 Sq Ft
Music/Art Venue: 50,000 Sq Ft

Program Highlights
"Fingers" of water-oriented parks / wetlands extend into the development areas to connect development into the river and establish a park without edges or boundaries
Development focused on giving residents, shoppers, workers, and visitors access to park, river, wetlands amentities
Floating amphitheater, riverwalk, community pier, and waterfront terraces
Focus on street-level retail similar to Bethesda Row, Barracks Row, Logan Circle and other neighborhoods
Incorporation of big-box/medium-box retail in later phases

Mid-City Urban / General Growth Properties

Development Program

Office: 250,000 Sq Ft
Residential: 2,654,000 Sq Ft
--Units: 2,486
Hotel: 130,000 Sq Ft
--Rooms: 200
Retail: 467,000 Sq Ft
New UDC Campus: 450,000 Sq Ft
Community Center: 80,000 Sq Ft
Cultural/Memorial: 100,000 Sq Ft

Program Highlights
University of the District of Columbia Extension Campus
Combination of destination, big-box retail anchors and neighborhood shops
Sports and learning complex
Aerial tram across Anacostia River to Ballpark District
70 acres of parklands including riverfront park, central wetlands, highway wetlands, and monument/memorial sites
Waterfront promenade and marina


Justin said...

Great update!

avocadoinparadise said...

Isn't this where the new park & expanded bike trails are going to be? Cap Hill needs a big green wild tree-and-squirrel-filled park!