Sunday, December 9, 2007

Update: Harris Teeter at 3rd & M NE

The Bloomingdale (for now) blog added an update regarding the Harris Teeter at 3rd & M Sts NE, upon which I wrote a post. According to IMGoph's update, cited directly from the comments section of his blog, Alan Kimber, ANC Commissioner, 6C05, posted a response to one of his own posts stating "...My *understanding* is that Harris Teeter has made some level of commitment to locate at 1st & M Street NE. It is not clear how firm the commitment is, and my understanding is that a lease has not yet been signed (these things take a while). I do know for a fact that they pulled out of the (non-binding) "commitment" they had to locate at 3rd & H Street NE."

Either way, whether it is Harris Teeter or Ellwood Thompsons that may be replacing the lease as Harris Teeter backed out, the neighborhood is in dire need for a full-service grocer other than what is available at H and 6th (?) NE.

As an aside, I have been speaking with the owner of Ellwood Thompsons, Rick Hood, about their expansion into DC. They are working with a local retail broker and are in great hands. As of our last conversation they were looking at three possible areas, Columbia Heights & DC USA, the location at 3rd & M NE, near Douglas Jemals Uline Skate Arena and possibly upper NW DC.

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