Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anacostia BID (Business Improvement District) Proposed

Yesterday Former Mayor Barry proposed legislation that could soon create the Anacostia Business Improvement District. BIDs are created by local homeowners contributed extra to local cleaning and public safety programs, helping to improve a local neighborhood. Barry's proposal would include commercial and retail along Good Hope Rd SE and 18th St SE as well as Martin Luther King Ave SE and St Elizabeths Hospital.

One might consider that there are other courses of action that the city can take to help improve the area better than a bit, such as small business tax-credits.

Would Anacostia benefit from a BID or is there another course of action that could benefit the area more?

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DG-rad said...

I'm kind of late on this comment..

but, BID's aren't (usually at least) created by homeowners. Rather, they are created by owners of land in business districts that decide that it is worth it to be taxed extra to spruce up the area more and get it some better marketing. Homeowners aren't taxed.

I think that a BID in Anacostia is a great idea -- as long as it is done well. The business districts could use a good spruce-up.