Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Post 6 What do you think about DC USA coming to Columbia Heights?


makeba said...

I agree...its a great development. I remeber in college, my ex-girlfriend lived there and the place was a mess due to metro construction. Alot has changed. Check out Rumberos rest./ friend owns it...good food & music!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marty and Jesse,

I've noticed your blog for the past year, and I like the fact you went streaming with it.

As a resident of Columbia Heights (Pleasant Plains), you wouldn't believe how much the DC USA complex has brought to an otherwise economically depressed area. And, as someone who is perceived as a "gentrifier," by long-time residents, I’ve been welcomed into the fold and became involved in my community more than ever before. I believe the surrounding neighborhood has welcomed the changes, and in all the neighborhoods I’ve lived in, both urban and rural, I’ve never known so many of my neighbors until I moved to Columbia Heights – heck, most of my neighbors approached me first. The sense of community for such a diverse neighborhood should be an example.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It ain’t always sunny in Columbia Heights. There are many bad elements that remain from years past, and for the most part, the 3rd district has done a great job trying to stay ahead of it. I’ve lived in several DC neighborhoods for many year, and it wasn’t until I moved to Columbia Heights that I experienced a home robbery, graffiti tagging on my house (several times), auto vandalism, being attacked on the street by a drugged-out crackhead and having to run for cover from stray bullets during an alleyway shootout. And, that’s the stuff that just happened to me.

But, to answer the question about the impact of DC USA, you should do some research on Harlem USA, and the impact it had to upper Manhattan. While some might complain that these developments ruin the history of a neighborhood – it’s all bull. If you research the history of almost any neighborhood in a US city, you’ll find that many classes and creeds have rotated through. What people want is a safe place to call home, and to be proud of where they live. A development like DC USA makes me proud to live in Columbia Heights.