Friday, June 13, 2008

post 18 gas prices increasing means owners move back into the city

As gasoline prices increase and commute times increase, many employed in the District may be forced to move back into the city to limit the effect on their budget. Prices are now above a nationwide average of $4.02 and are expected to increase throughout the rest of the year.

Forbes: 10 Worst Cities for Commuters

D.C. Area has Second-Longest Commutes in Nation

Gas Inches Higher

Are you affected by the current gas prices in your commute or lifestyle?


fourthandeye said...

You teased an upcoming Madrigal Lofts posting at the end of this gas posting video. When's it coming?

Jesse Kaye said...

Believe it or not, I am waiting for a radio station to return some information to me regarding the average income of their readers so I can my research on the post. I can promise you that it will be up no later than this coming Monday.