Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DC Cleans Up Eckington?

Driving around today I ran into menagerie of DC city workers cleaning up the building at 1831 2nd Street in Eckington. The building is a massive brick finished classic built in 1929 and is controlled by the DC government. I have had my eyes on this building for some time because of its size, location, and neglect.

Stopping to talk to a few of the city workers I found out that they received an order to secure the building and clean up the yard. Being the curious type, I decided to have run an associate run a title search on the property and I found out some interesting things.

The building, now controlled by the city and rumored to be in the middle of a lawsuit, sits on three individual lots all with leans on them. The assessed value by the city is drastically lower than the actual value of the building and annual tax on the building is just under $12,000 a year.

I enjoy the city taking a moment out its day to fix the broken windows and replacing them with brown painted wooden panels. If you had a chance to develop this property what would you do? How would you use this amazing building to improve the community?

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