Tuesday, July 29, 2008

You'll Love our Building!

Signs of the market are everywhere. I am not talking about economic indicators or several old men sitting around a table on T.V. Sunday morning talking about what they think. I am talking about the little indicators I see every day.

I deal with building developers and potential buyers every day. I hear both sides of the argument; DC is too expensive to buy in, DC isn’t making me money on my development so on and so forth. I also see plenty of people buying homes and plenty of buildings filled to capacity.

One thing I dislike is when a developer or agent tells me how great a building is and how they have buyers lined up to purchase. Please don’t tell me one thing and let me see another. The picture above doesn’t say a building is great, it says a developer is desperate to move units.

Do you know of any other signals that you look for to see if a building is popular or having difficulty moving units? I always say customers are the smartest consumers and have the best tricks for seeing value. What’s yours?

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