Friday, April 17, 2009

The Visio Condo has One of my Favorite Units

What I can't understand is why one of Robertson Development's units at the Visio has been on the market for so long. Their units, at the rear of the building, has fantastic 22'+ ceilings, loft style windows, a lofted second bedroom and a wonderful kitchen for entertaining. Robertson's creativity really impressed me by his use of wood 2"x4" ends as the floor, laid vertically and then stained. What a building. If I'm not mistaken, the units been on for nearly a year.

The address is 2109 10th St NW, unit 102, priced at $799,000.

If I wanted to spend nearly $1 million in the U street area, PN wouldn't even come close to the finish work at this beautiful unit.

For more information contact Jesse Kaye offering Real Estate in Washington DC and Prudential Carruthers Realtors at 202-684-8144.


Stu said...

I live directly across the street from the Visio and I have been into the building and I have witnessed the entire construction process. I agree, Paul Robertson is one of the better builders in DC. He uses the highest quality materials and does a great job with the details too.

Stu Kushner

Simon Landau said...

This looks absolutely beautiful. Definitely gonna get over there and check it out for myself. Thanks for the preview!